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1. High temperature materials
Conventional materials can't be used anymore? So choose our composite materials with a resistance of up to 1200oC . If that still is not enough, we offer technical ceramics for applications up to 2200oC.

2. Friction Materials
MC210 and MC250 - the two friction materials to support the most economical use of your continuous press!
  • > Excellent coefficient of friction even with oil;
  • > Better band control;
  • > Highest operating temperature possible;
  • > Highest material strength under thermal load;
  • > Extremely durable;


This Powerpack is an important factor for the most efficient use of your continuous press whereby your maintenance cost is minimized. On top of that MC250 is thermally resistant up to 250oC and provides the possibility to run your heating system consistently on the edge!

3. Special materials
Special materials are used in many fields. We focus on industries and applications where common materials at their limit. With 2 factories in Yixing for producing composite materials and high tech ceramics, we have many solutions to solve material problems and push innovation. And great, many of our materials help in green industries like wind energy generation, solar power and others. Talk with us about your innovation ideas!

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