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Quality is an attitude! Our executive director, Mr. Marcus Keulen, insists in German quality made in China. "We do not only check out quality - we produce quality!" That only is possible having a good quality management system. While a carefully final quality control is normal for most companies, the tight process control in every production step brings the real benefit. Possible mistakes are found early, before high costs have happened. This is a key to cost efficient production.
Quality also depends on external suppliers for materials, tools and other products. It might be hard to be a qualified supplier for us. But companies who got the permit to deliver to us, usually develop much better than the market average. Honesty, an open mind, a good quality attitude belong to our requirements. Then, together with our tight control, we can be sure not to purchase fake materials or minor quality products.
Over 10% of our employees work in our quality department. Too expensive? No! It saves you a lot of costs! we do precision!
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